Aims and Scope

Journal of Renewable Energy and Environment publishes original research papers, review articles, research notes, technical notes in the field of science and technology of renewable energies and environmental-related issues including:

Management (economics, policies, and planning)
Environmental sustainability



Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies


1. Biomass and Bioenergy
2. Solar Energy
3. Wind Energy
4. Geothermal Energy
5. Hydropower Energy


6. Hybrid renewable energy systems 
7. Other renewable energy (Fuel cells, hydrogen, batteries....)


II Advanced Energy Technologies


  1. Fuel cells
  2. Hydrogen energy
  3. Energy storage technologies
  4. Micro- and nano-technologies
  5. Smart grid
  6. Thermal energy storage
  7. Hybrid systems
  8. Batteries
  9. Thermoelectrics
  10. Clean technologies
  11. Other novel energy technologies


III Renewable Energy Economics, Policies and Planning


1. Sustainable development

 2. Planning, monitoring, and evaluation

 3. Institutional, regulations and legal issues

 4. Capacity building and dissemination

 5. Market

 6. Scenarios and Forecasting

 7. Finance and investment

 8. Supply/demand analysis

 9. Subsidies and incentives

 10. GDP vs. emission reduction

 11. Security issues

 12. Economic issues



IV Environmental Impacts and Sustainability


1. Environmental impacts of energy systems

 2. Environmental management

 3. Environmental impact assessment

 4. Emission control

 5. Carbon trading

 6. Climate change mitigation technologies

 7. Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

 8. Life cycle assessments (LCA)

 9. Risk assessment