April 11, 2019
Journal of Renewable Energy and Environment, would have a new web; you can try now!

Dear JREE’s Respected Authors, Reviewers and Readers,


I am pleased to inform you that, JREE is going to have a new homepage ( for short time.

We have upgraded the new system of submitting, reviewing and archiving of manuscripts which will definitely bring comfort to the authors and reviewers although a very good experience with the present journal homepage has been achieved.

Moreover, since the most important expectation of all authors from journals is a quick review process of the articles submitted to JREE, editorial board members of journal and technical staffs are offering a great hand to hand work at the moment to be responsive to authors and reviewers as soon as possible. This new change has shortened the review responding time of articles down to two months and in many cases to even one month.

JREE will stop receiving manuscript in the present homepage ( most probably from 20th April 2019. Manuscripts can be submitted to the new website mentioned earlier (i.e. which later on will be changed to JREE.IR. For time being please submit your papers in our new web, 

Editor-in-Chief of JREE




  March 20, 2019
New Year Greetings

Happy Nowruz! May the coming year take you on the path to glory where all your endeavors become glorious and your life becomes a success story. Happy Nowruz! Wishing you an year that marks the beginning of remarkable era of success and happiness in your life.

"Nowruz" is the Iranian New Year-1398

  February 24, 2019
Easy and fast inquires

Authors and Referees are requested to include their mobile number when submitting or communicating with journal via journal homepage or email (

  February 06, 2019
Note: Please Check the following Before Submitting Manuscripts


1. Manuscripts must have line numbers

2. A Farsi Abstract is needed after English Abstract (for Iranian authors)

3. All Figures should have high resolution with 600 -dpi

4. An Acknowledgement Section before Reference Section is needed by journal policy

5. A similarity check with published literature will be performed by jree office. To reduce the reviewing time those authors wish to check the similarity check send their report to editor-in-chief by email to after submitting their paper.

6. Jree editorial board is keen to announce the final result for each paper before 3 months of submission. Therefore, it is requested to check their manuscript technicallybefore submission.


  July 13, 2015
JREE is indexed in the following data bases: * Scientific Information Database ( * Iranian Magazines Database ( * Islamic World Science Citation Center (

  January 11, 2014
Articles in Press

The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Members are glad to inform all authors, referees, faculties and specialists that articles in press will be availble online from 11th Jan. 2014.

All suggestions are welcome by sending an E. Mail to Editor-in-Chief (

  January 09, 2014
Important to Authors
To speed up the reviewing process and to prevent rejection of the article, all articles should be submitted by a faculty member of a university, research institute or an expert from a company. Please write to Editor-in-Chief, for any further clarification by sending e.mail to

  August 04, 2013
Report Homepage Technical Problems

All respected authors are requested to report their technical problems to editor-in-Chief by sending E. Mail to: while submitting their articles to the journal home-page.

  June 25, 2013
Manuscripts Classification

Authors can choose classification of their manuscripts from following list: 


 I Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies

1. Biomass and Bioenergy
2. Solar Energy
3. Wind Energy
4. Geothermal Energy
5. Hydropower Energy 6. Hybrid renewable energy systems   
7. Other renewable energy (Fuel cells, hydrogen, batteries....)

  II Advanced energy technologies

  1. Fuel cells
  2. Hydrogen energy
  3. Energy storage technologies
  4. Micro- and nano-technologies
  5. Smart grid
  6. Thermal energy storage
  7. Hybrid systems
  8. Batteries
  9. Thermoelectrics
  10. Clean technologies                 
  11. Other novel energy technologies
  III Renewable Energy Economics, Policies and Planning
  1. Sustainable development
2. Planning, monitoring and evaluation
3. Institutional, regulations and legal issues
4. Capacity building and dissemination
5. Market
6. Scenarios and Forecasting
7. Finance and investment
8. Supply/demand analysis
9. Subsidies and incentives
11. GDP vs. emission reduction
12. Security issues
13. Economic issues
IV Environmental Impacts and Sustainability
 1. Environmental impacts of energy systems
2. Environmental Management                  
3. Environmental Impact Assessment
4. Emission Control
5. Carbon trading
6. Climate change mitigation technologies
7. Carbon capture and storage (CCS)                                                           
8. Life cycle assessments (LCA)
9. Risk assessment

  June 24, 2013
Good Response

Editor-in-Chief of JREE highly appreciates receiving of a very good number of manuscripts for consideration after a very short time from announcement date. I hereby am very grateful to those authors whom have relied on and submitted their article to journal editorial site of JREE

  June 23, 2013
Ministry Accredited

 مجله انرژیهای تجدید پذیر و محیط زیست طی نامه شماره   35944/18/3 مورخ 13/3/1392 کمیسیون نشریات وزارت علوم تحقیقات و فناوری دارای اعتبار علمی پژوهشی با رتبه الف می باشد

Journal of Renewable Energy and Environment accredited by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is under supervision of and is published quarterly by Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC) and Iranian Chemical Engineering Association (IAChE).