Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies
Evaluation of the Experimental Performance of an Asphalt Solar Air Collector

Armin Motamed Sadr; Mehran Ameri; ٍٍEbrahim Jahanshahi Javaran

Volume 10, Issue 2 , May 2023, , Pages 19-26

  In this research, the performance of an asphalt solar air collector was experimentally tested and the dailythermal and exergy efficiencies of the collector were analyzed. The sun's radiant energy is absorbed by asphaltand converted into thermal energy. Then, it is transmitted to aluminum pipes buried ...  Read More

Advanced Energy Technologies
Performance Analysis of a Novel Compressed Carbon Dioxide Storage Model Integrated with Solar Energy

Samira Jafari; Mehran Ameri Mahabadi

Volume 8, Issue 4 , October 2021, , Pages 90-100

  As a result of growing energy demand, shortage of fossil fuel resources, climate change, and environmental protection, the need for renewable energy sources has been growing rapidly. However, there is an urgent need to cope with intermittency and fluctuation of renewable energies. Various energy storage ...  Read More

Multi-objective Optimization of PV-SOFC-GT-Electrolyser Hybrid System

Saber Sadeghi; Mehran Ameri

Volume 2, Issue 2 , April 2015, , Pages 47-58

  This study shows the design of a new hybrid power generation system, photovoltaic panel (PV)–coupled solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and gas turbine (GT)–electrolyser. Three objectives (cost, pollutant emissions, and reliability), which are usually in conflict, are considered simultaneously. ...  Read More

Estimating and modeling monthly mean daily global solar radiation on horizontal surfaces using artificial neural networks

Saeed Edalati; Mehran Ameri; Masoud Iranmanesh

Volume 2, Issue 1 , February 2015, , Pages 36-42

  In this study, an artificial neural network based model for prediction of solar energy potential in Kerman province in Iran has been developed. Meteorological data of 12 cities for period of 17 years (1997–2013) and solar radiation for five cities around and inside Kerman province from the Iranian ...  Read More