Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies
Methyl-Esters from Ternary Oil Blend Using Catalyst Synthesized from Mixed Agro-Wastes

Ayowumi Rita Soji-Adekunle; Betiku Eriola; Abraham A. Asere

Volume 9, Issue 4 , December 2022, , Pages 76-84

  This study used ternary substrates consisting of honne, neem, and yellow oleander (HONOYO) oil blend to produce methyl-esters for sustainability of raw materials for biodiesel synthesis. A biomass-based catalyst from calcined mixed agro-wastes consisting of kolanut pod, cocoa pod, and plantain peel ash ...  Read More

Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Castor Oil Using a Microwave Via Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

Mohammad Kord; Seyed Mojtaba Sadrameli; Barat Ghobadian

Volume 3, Issue 4 , November 2016, , Pages 1-9

  The purpose of this research work was to investigate the optimum operating conditions for biodiesel production from castor oil using a microwave. The Box–Behnken design of experiment was carried out using the Design Expert 7. A response surface methodology (RSM) was used to analyze the influence ...  Read More