Renewable Energy Economics, Policies and Planning
Development of the Low-Economic-Risk Microgrids to Establish Environmental-Friendly Industries

Mohammad Hossein Jahangir; Arash Kargarzadeh; Mohammad Montazeri

Volume 10, Issue 2 , May 2023, , Pages 108-124

  As one of the main consumers of electricity, industries account for in releasing a large amount of emission. Using renewable energies to feed factories is not an easy task and they should be economically viable to compete with fossil fuels. The goal of this study is to analyze the possibilities of using ...  Read More

Environmental Impacts and Sustainability
Optimization of Small-Scale Trigeneration Systems in Terms of Levelized Total Costs and Carbon Tax Using a Matrix Modeling Approach

Taraneh Taheri; Mohammad Behshad Shafii; Sourena Sattari; Morteza Khalaji Assadi

Volume 7, Issue 4 , October 2020, , Pages 56-66

  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems have increasingly drawn attention in recent years due to their higher efficiency and lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission. Input-output matrix modeling was considered here as one of the efficient approaches for optimizing these energy networks. In this approach, power ...  Read More

Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies
Energy Modeling and Techno-Economic Analysis of a Biomass Gasification-CHAT-ST Power Cycle for Sustainable Approaches in Modern Electricity Grids

Saeed Hosseinpour; Seyed Alireza Haji Seyed Mirza Hosseini; Ramin Mehdipour; Amir Hooman Hemmasi; Hassan Ali Ozgoli

Volume 7, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 43-51

  In this study, an advanced combined power generation cycle was evaluated to obtain sustainable energy with high power and efficiency. This combined cycle includes biomass gasification, the Cascaded Humidified Advanced Turbine (CHAT), and the steam turbine. The fuel consumed by the system is derived from ...  Read More

Renewable Energy Economics, Policies and Planning
A Review Study About Photovoltaic Systems and the Energy Payback Time Calculation for Selected Modules

Seyed Mohammad Emami Razavi; Mohammad Hossein Jahangir; Soroush Mousavi

Volume 6, Issue 3 , July 2019, , Pages 38-49

  The renewable energy can be utilized to satisfy the energy demand. Moreover, the solar energy as the most abundant energy resource among renewable energies plays a crucial role to provide the energy demand. The BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics) systems can be considered to supply the required ...  Read More

Speed Control of Wind Turbine through Pitch Control Using Different Control Techniques

Javad Faiz; Arash Hakimi Tehrani; Ghazanfar shahgholian; Amir Masoud Takbash

Volume 3, Issue 2 , May 2016, , Pages 15-23

  Pitch control is one of t he  major aspects of wind turbine control, particularly over high wi nd s p e e d  a n d  oscillations. General El e c t r i c  (GE) model of  wi n d  t ur bi ne  i s practically compatible with the structure of the wind turbines. I t  ...  Read More