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Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ardahan University, 75000, Ardahan, Turkey.


This paper focuses on the short-term cascade hydro scheduling problem, especially in a competitive environment, namely in market conditions. A nonlinear stochastic optimization method is proposed to take into consideration the hydroelectric energy production as a function of hourly electricity market prices and water release rates. In order to solve a case study based on one of the Turkish cascaded hydropower facilities, the proposed method has been successfully applied to a wide variety of problems at a negligible computation time while providing a higher profit. The paper shows the benefits that could be achieved by applying a model based on the Quasi-Newton Method, which finds zeroes or local maxima and minima of solving a certain type of optimization functions because it can better handle the uncertainty, constraints, and complexity of the problem. Ten-year hourly water inflow data and electricity market prices were used as inputs, and the results of the cascade and single optimization were compared. A comparison study with the operation of each hydropower plant (HPP) separately showed that 18 % higher income was obtained with a cascade variant.


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