Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore 641032, India.


In this experimental work, the energy efficiency and performance parameters of a coarse aggregate-assisted single-slope solar still were analyzed using Taguchi analysis. The preheated inlet saline water was sent to the solar still using thermal energy accumulated in coarse aggregate to enhance its productivity and energy efficiency. The daily distillate of the proposed model was observed to be about 4.21 kg/m2 with the improved efficiency of around 32 %. Furthermore, the parameters that influenced the performance of the solar stills and their levels were identified using Taguchi analysis. The Signal to Noise (S/N) ratios of the coarse aggregate temperature, saline water temperature, glass temperature and energy efficiency were observed to be about  45.4 °C, 41.4 °C, 36.7 °C and 20.07 %, respectively. The results revealed that, the percentage difference between predicted and experimental values was observed to be about 1.6 %, 0.6 %, 1.5 % and 3.3 %, respectively. The optimization method confirmed that there was good agreement between the predicted and experimental values.


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