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Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Razi University, P. O. Box: 67144-14971, Kermanshah, Iran.


The ability of power systems against severe events shows their increased resilience, which in turn reduces the operation costs and recovery time of the system. This study presents a new resilient stochastic unit commitment model using the frequency change rate as a new index of system resilience. Furthermore, uncertainties of wind and solar power plants and demanded load are considered simultaneously. In the proposed method that considers the occurrence of a destructive incident in important production units in the worst-case scenarios and by using the generation capacity, adaptive frequency load shedding, and interrupting contracts, an effective strategy was provided to solve the unit commitment problem of thermal units to prevent instability in system frequency and to minimize unwanted load shedding. The proposed model was tested and evaluated on the IEEE 39-bus system with a wind power plant and a solar power plant. Moreover, the results obtained from simulation were reported. The effectiveness of this innovative approach in increasing the resilience of the power system against different degrees of uncertainty was confirmed based on the results.


Main Subjects

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