Document Type : Review Article


Department of Electrical Engineering Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, KIIT deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, India.


The solar photovoltaic system is modeled in Simulink using Matlab. Boost converter, FOTIDC controller, and Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter are all included in this PV system (RSMLI). With regard to solar photovoltaic systems, the focus of this study is on the Fractional Order Tilt Integral Derivative Controller (FOTIDC). In the suggested control technique, Hybrid Genetic Particle Swarm Jaya Optimization is used to optimize the control parameters (HGPSJO). Jaya Optimization (JO) is a hybrid of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Genetic Algorithm (GA), and GA/PSO algorithm optimization techniques, combining the best of each for improved control executions. Control performance is enhanced using a fractional calculus-based technique to redesign the Tilt Integral Derivative Controller (TIDC) in order to reduce noise and harmonic distortions. Harmonic distortion and voltage magnitude are reduced by applying the proposed control method to the PV system. Simulated Matlab environments are used to test the stability, robustness, and stability of the proposed system as well as its capacity to reduce harmonic distortions. It is also compared to other well-known control techniques in order to ensure that the real-time implementation is properly validated.


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