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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Sh. Ehsani Rad St., Enqelab St., Parsa Sq., Ahmadabad Mostoufi Rd., Azadegan Highway, Postal Code: 3313193685, Tehran, Iran.


Fuel cell-based hybrid cycles that include conventional power generators have been created to modify energy performance and output power. In the present paper, integrated biomass gasification (IBG)-molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC)-gas turbine (GT) and steam turbine (ST) combined power cycle is introduced as an innovative technique in terms of sustainable energy. In addition, biomass gasification has been explained and shown able to supply the required fuel to the energy generators to compensate for the consumption consequences of fossil fuels. In this system, a molten carbonate fuel cell generates electricity from syngas produced by biomass gasification. In addition, a gas cleaning process prepares adequate treatment before consumption in the fuel cell. Furthermore, for the justification of this system as a combined heat and power (CHP) cycle, a considerable amount of produced heat in the proposed process generates power in GT and ST bottoming cycles. Due to the energy targeting, modeling and simulation of the presented system were fulfilled by the Cycle-Tempo software, and the results showed about 42 MW output power and total efficiency of around 83 %. Further to that, parametric studies represented the durability of the generated power against ambient temperature variations. Finally, changes in total power and efficiency due to the fluctuation of the moisture content of biomass, pressure ratio, and inlet temperature of GT have also been demonstrated.


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