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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Alzahra University, Deh-Vanak, Tehran, Iran.


Both energy and environmental criticisms push a society toward energy-efficient buildings with green technologies. Green roofs are of significant importance due to their remarkable role in decreasing the thermal loads ofbuildings, especially in summer, and also in sound insulation. Here in, the thermal loads of a residential building were calculated, and then, an optimized green roof was designed for it in three different cities of Tehran, Rasht, and Tabriz. The energy saving was analyzed in each case, and proper plants and roof thickness were selected to achieve both comfortable air conditioning and energy optimization. It is also important to use water resources in an optimized manner. Considering the annual mean rain magnitude, here, a suitable system is designed to harvest rainwater for watering the plants. Results indicate that a sedum grass-based green roof with the thickness of 10 cm leads to a 21.3 % reduction in the annual total thermal loads in Tehran; one with thickness of 8 cm in Tabriz will result in a 11.7 % thermal load reduction per year; a green roof with 9 cm thickness in Rasht, Iran shows 13.2 % energy saving per year. Therefore, Tehran is the best option here to integrate the green roof into the structure of the building. The patterns of the obtained data indicate that the reduction of cooling loads is more noticeable when implementing a green roof in comparison with heating loads. Moreover, it has been revealed that harvested rainwater is sufficient to support about 72 % of required water in Tehran, 81 % of it in Tabriz, and 93 % in Rasht.


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