Check Your Manuscript before Submitting

 1. Manuscripts must have line numbers

2. A Farsi abstract is needed after English Abstract (for Iranian authors)

3. All Figures should have high resolution with 600 -dpi

4. An Acknowledgement Section before Reference Section is needed by journal policy

5. All journal References should follow with articles DOI.

6. A similarity check with published literature will be performed by jree office. To reduce the reviewing time, authors are requested to check their manuscript similarity and send their report to journal office by email to after submitting their paper. JREE will reject those manuscripts which has more than 20% similarity including names, affiliation and references. The popular software for similarity check is PlagScan. Iranian authors can check their manuscripts by referring to

7. JREE editorial board is keen to announce the final result for each paper before 3 months of submission. Therefore, it is requested to check their manuscript technically before submission.

JREE Ofice