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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Med Boudiaf, M’sila, Algeria.

2 Laboratory of Materials and Mechanics of Structure L.M.MS, University of Med Boudiaf, M’sila, Algeria.

3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Med Boudiaf, P. O. Box: 166, M’sila, Algeria.

4 Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development L.R.E.S.E, University of Mentouri Brothers, Constantine, Algeria.

5 Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering L.M.G, University Mohamed Khider , Biskra, Algeria.



Dust accumulation on PV surface panels is a crucial factor affecting their performance. It is more frequently noted in the desert zones. The effect of dust on the electrical behavior of damaged PV panels was investigated in this study. Three panels are used: the degraded panels (with and without dust) and the reference panels they are located in an industrial zone with a continental climate (Bordj Bou Arréridj, Algeria). The I-V and P-V characterization and degradation mechanism visualization are used. Also, a numerical simulation was conducted to calculate the five parameters of the three modeled PV panels (diode ideality factor (a), series resistance (Rs), Shunt resistance (Rp), photocurrent (Ipv), and diode saturation current (I0)). These parameters were utilized for the first time to study the impact of dust on their degradation rate and the PV panel behavior. The degradation rate and the annual degradation rate of each parameter are affected by dust differently. The power degradation rate is increased by 5.45%. The Isc and Imax degradation rates are climbed by 6.97% and 6.0%, respectively. Vmax and Voc degradation rates decrease by 1.20% and 0.35%, respectively. Dust increased the rate of degradation for a, Iph, and I0 by 4.12%, 6.99%, and 68.17%, respectively. For Rs and Rp, the degradation rate was reduced by 4.51% and 20.01%, respectively. An appropriate netoiling approach must be considered because dust, even in non-desert areas and industrial zones, has a significant impact on the electrical characteristics degradation of a PV panel.


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