Peer-Review Process:

Submitted articles are primarily evaluated by journal technical editor for any methodological flaws, format, and their compliance with the Journal’s instructions and plagiarism. Once it passes technical check the editor in chief with the help of editorial board members will check the quality of the paper and will decide whether the paper should go for peer-review/rejected or ask for revision. Through a single-blind review, the articles will be reviewed by at least two external (peer) reviewers. Their comments will be passed to the authors and their responses to the comments along with the reviewers’ comments will then be evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief, and a final reviewer who can also be a member of the Editorial Board or one of the reviewers. The final review process will be discussed in regular editorial board sessions and on the basis of the comments, and the Journal’s standards, the Editors-in-Chief and editorial board members will decide which articles should be published.

It should be noted that articles submitted by the editorial board members JREE will also be subjected to peer-review.

The detailed peer review process of Journal of Renewable Energy and Environment (JREE) is based on the following Flow Diagram.