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1 Department of Electrical Engineering,, Department of Electrical Engineering,College of Engineering, Zahedan branch, Islamic Azad university, Zahedan, Iran

2 Department of R&D, MAPNA group, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad university, West Tehran branch, Iran


High costs, unreliable resources for long term use and extensive negative impact on our environment are such problems associated with traditional sources of energy and fossil fuels which make us move toward implementation of renewable sources of energy. Fossil fuel pollution and reserve depletion in oil producing countries caused by increasing demands, make wind energy an attractive source of energy in the future. Renewable energy sources are expected to have an important role in many countries as well as Iran and would be flourished in near future. In this study we aim to offer economic evaluation of wind turbine installation for chabahar in southeastern part of Iran. This study evaluates the economic feasibility of electricity generation using wind turbines in Chabahar - Iran situated in the Southeast part of Iran. All analyzes were performed by Homer software and local weather information and software provided by NASA Weather Homer is used. In this study 5 MW wind turbine with INVELOX technology is used .The analysis results show that Annual average of wind speed is 4.11 m/s at a Height of 10 m and 905 Gwh is the average of annual energy production, the cost of energy is calculated of 2.3 cents/kwh.


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