Concise Guide for Authors and Checklist             


Concise and informative. Titles are often used in information-retrieval systems. Avoid abbreviations and formula where possible.  The first letter of each word should be in caps lock.


-The Affiliation, the phone number and email address of all authors should be written in the journal homepage and the article (Department, Faculty, University, City, and Country).

-Corresponding author should be a university faculty member or an industrial expert. Only PhD candidate can be corresponding author if their supervisor sends an e-mail to editor in chief ( and quoting the permission of candidate to submit the article and accept all the responsibility regarding the content of the manuscript submitted to jree.

-JREE editorial office is very strict about the changes in author’s addition or deletion after submitting the manuscript. Therefore it is emphasized  to take care about this matter before submission.


A concise and factual abstract is required.

Iranian nationals are requested to provide Farsi abstract of their paper and include it after English abstract. It is requested not to exclude the Farsi abstract of the paper until the final acceptance.


Select a maximum of 6 keywords from your article that best describes the topic. These keywords will be used for search and retrieval, as well as indexing.


-Main section titles should be in Caps Lock

-Text shall start with a concise ‘Introduction,’ which should be free from unnecessary or non-essential details. Plain and standard English should be used for preparation of the text.


Should be clear with high quality and resolution (300-600 dpi)

All the figures should also be uploaded in separate files at the time of submission.


Insert equations with “Math Type” program. Copy and paste the equation is not accepted. Equations should not be written with Italic fonts.


An acknowledgements section is required before reference section.


-References  should contain all author’s name ( Do not use et al), title, source (include complete title which should be bold), Vol, No, year, pp.

- All journal references should follow with DOI.

-  All References without Doi should be followed  by a Link.

  Copyright Form

The scanned original copyright form signed by all authors should be uploaded at the time of submission.

Conflict of Interest

The scanned original conflict of interest form should be uploaded at the time of submission