Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2 and 3, Summer 2017, Pages 1-78 
2. The Ranking of Southern Ports and Islands of Iran for Seawater Desalination Plants Using ELECTRE III Method

Pages 10-22

Ali Mostafaeipour; Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad; Mostafa Rezaei; Mojtaba Qolipour

4. Improved Performance of Soil Microbial Fuel Cell by Adding Earthworms

Pages 33-38

Hiroshi Yukimoto; Ebe Shohei; Tatsuya Ohike; Masahiro Okanami; Takashi Ano

5. The Effect of Aperture Size on the Cavity Performance of Solar Thermoelectric Generator

Pages 39-46

Mohammad Ameri; Omid Farhangian Marandi; Behrooz Adelshahian

6. A Comparative Study of the Available Measured Global Solar Radiation in Iraq

Pages 47-55

Akram Abdulameer Abbood Al-Khazzar; Aseel Jamal Khaled